Who we are

SJ Synchro Training Centre is a place that provides an affordable holistic Day Programme for teens and young adults with Special Needs (Autism, Down Syndrome and Slow Learners) using unique communication approaches.

  • We focus on 'Teacher Readiness' in approaching our young Special Needs Trainees.
  • We ensure our Special Needs are given the opportunity to be 'Free for Learning' as emphasized by Peter Gray.
  • We foster our students’ love for learning, encourage them to try new and exciting things, and give them a solid foundation to build on.
  • Our vision is to develop well rounded, confident and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential. We will do this by providing a welcoming, happy, safe, and supportive learning environment in which everyone is equal and all achievements are celebrated.

SJ Synchro as a Technology Solution Provider provides ICT Solution and services which includes software development, develops custom software applications, frameworks, and tools that help solve problems or achieve a specific outcome.

Professional Development Training

Specialized training to create a more supportive and understanding environment for individuals and building a more inclusive world through special needs education and training.


What We Offer

Training Programme

Day Training Programme for Youth with Special Needs

Professional Training

Professional Training for Teachers, Parents, Care-takers.


Behavior Management, Healing for both Special Needs and their parents.

Respite Care

Baby-Sitting service for parents who need a safe and caring place to leave their children to attend to urgent situations or to have a breather break (me time for parents). Based on availability and Pre- booking.

Other Corporate Services

Trusted and reliable ICT solution provider


Day Training Programme for Youth with Special Needs

Self-Care Skills


Independent Living Skills

(ILS 1) & (ILS 2)


Community Adaptation


Part of Global Community

Other Services

Corporate Services

Trusted and Reliable ICT Solution Provider That Meet Your Needs

We offer the following ICT Solution Provider services:


  • A software that meets customer requirements.


  • Supported and integrated with multiple platforms, various system and technologies and infrastructure deployment.


  • Multiple technologies varies from open source to licensed /proprietary technologies.


  • Project management and professional services for implementation, testing, integration and commissioning and managed services.


  • Customize e-learning courseware development in multilingual user interface.


Integrated Library Management System

  • Digital Library System
  • Digitalisation services
  • Library Automation Services
  • System integration services

Digital Content Management System

CMS to create, manage, and optimize digital contents

Online Learning Management System

LMS to support you to track, administrate, manage and deliver educational programs

Integrated Portal System

  • Enterprise portal solution
  • System integration services

RFID System

Active and Passive RFID system

Online Tendering System

  • Register vendor
  • Post and submit tender online
  • Tender Management
  • Contract management


Contact Us


13-2, Jalan Elektron E U16/E, Denai Alam, 40160 Shah Alam. Selangor.


03- 7846 6433

011 27678202